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Herbs by Botanical name.

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These Herbs are in the data base.

Botanical Name
Common NamesImagelink

These are in the old site and have yet to be placed in the database. Please join the site if you would lilke to be on out data entry and varification crew. &session_id=XWMUUY05CXTUMGRC&sort_field1=fname&sort_field2=lname&first_record_to_display=0&records_per_page=5&record_id=5&columns_to_view=fname&columns_to_view=key_name&display_details_view.x=2&display_details_view.y=6">Agrimonia eupatoria.
Althaea officinalis.
Altremisia absinthium.
Anthemis nobalis.
Arctium lappa.
%] Arnica montana.
Calendula officinalis
Cannabis setiva
Capsicum minimum.
Castanea vesca.
Cucumis sativus.
Eupatorium perfoliatum
Glycyrrhiza glabra.
Hemlock spruce.
Humulus lupulus.
Hydrangea aborescens.
Hypericum perforatum.
Juglans nigia
Laurus sassafras.
Lobelia inflata.
Malva sylvestris or m rotundifolia (high and low mallow )
Medicago sativa
usntha pulegium.
Milk-thistle .
Monarda fistulosa.
Musk seed.
Nepta cataria.
Panax pseudoginseng.
Plantago lanceolata.
Prunus dulcis.
Plantago majora.
Poke root.
Pulmonaria officinalis.
Rubus indaeus.
Rumex crispus.
Salvia officinalis.
Sambucus canadensis.
Sanicula eupapa
Silybum marianum
Similax ornata, smilax officinale.
Syphytum officinal.
Tanacetum vulgare.
Trifolium pratense.
Tussilago farfara ..
Ulmus flava .
Urtica lyollii-lyons, urtica dioca.
Verbascum thapsus.
Violet leaf and flower .

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